Service Hailing and Automated Deal Rooms

Enabling banks, law and other professional firms to get work. Giving them the time to do that work. This is our sole purpose.

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doccly service hailing and automated deal rooms
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What is
service hailing?

Think of it like this. Service hailing is like ride hailing, but for professional services. We've made it simple for clients to connect with you when they need your services.

Your firm on every device

We've made a way for clients to be one tap away from you. Be with your clients wherever they are.

Grow your business

Boost growth by optimizing your conversion rate. Get in–depth insights from how clients respond to you.

Keep clients engaged

Attract and maintain your clients' attention by giving them personalized content and notifications.

One tap away from your clients

Increase repeat visits by making it easy for clients to connect. Returning visitors are easier to convert.

Self–driving deal rooms

The magic happens in deal rooms. Deal rooms are secure, by–invitation–only places that use smart tech to handle all the deal admin for you.

A Dealbot in each room

Each deal room gets its own Dealbot, which works tirelessly behind the scenes doing the admin and making the magic happen.

Reduce exposure to data leaks

Stop emailing confidential deal documents around. Drag and drop large files to a deal room instantly and securely.
service hailing deal room

You'll be in good company

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Frequently asked questions

I don't measure my website's performance. Is this a problem?
Yes. Without measurement, promoting your business online is a guessing game. We implement full tracking on your site so that you are able to better develop and adapt your overall online marketing strategy, as well as giving your campaigns a great chance of success. We'll help you improve engagement, conversions, and repeat visits.
Does page load speed really matter as much as experts say it does?
Yes, page load time and site speed matter a great deal. We ensure your pages load quickly, which means that your visitors spend more time on your site and are more likely to convert. Most importantly, site speed is one of the page ranking criteria of search engines.
What are website conversions and why are they important?
Conversions happen when visitors complete actions on your website, such as signing up to your newsletter. Conversions enable you to understand who your visitors are and what they want from your website. We enable you to measure and increase conversions.
What does engagement mean? Why should I care?
Your website visitors show signs of engagement with your content when they spend time on your website. This tells search engines that you are delivering quality content to your visitors at the right time. In turn, this helps your website rank higher than your competitors' websites.
Experts say that repeat visits are critical to online success. Is this correct?
Yes. Each time a visitor returns to your website you have a chance to build more trust and loyalty in your brand. This matters because visitors who trust your brand are more likely to engage with your content and convert when the time is right. We can help you get more repeat visits and increase the chances that those visits will result in conversions.
Constant distractions and interruptions are hurting my business. Can you help?
It's true. Getting work and doing work are the biggest challenges that service professionals like you face today. We help you get more work, and our leading technology gives you the time to do that work. As work happens on our platform your Dealbot sends timely and relevant communications to each interested party, keeping everyone in the loop as the work is being done.
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🚀 Our commitment to your success

We'll help you scale your business to the next level and beyond.

Repeat visits
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“At Doccly, we believe we can help you. Help you get more work. Help you do more work. This is the purpose behind everything we do.”

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Charl Dreyer
Founder, Doccly

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