Automated Deal Rooms For Commercial Real Estate Lending

Automated deal rooms for banks, credit unions, private lenders, law and other professional firms involved in commercial real estate lending transactions.

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Relate Meetups

Relate Meetups

Join our RELATETX meetup

Meetups will be back soon! The meetup of the Texas Chapter of our RELATE community is happening this fall, once travel has been normalized. Gather with fellow real estate lending professionals to dive deep into topical issues about process automation in real estate lending transactions.

Focus on your work

We keep everyone updated with progress in real time so you can focus on your work without distractions or interruptions.

Your front office on every device

Your clients and customers are on the move. They want progress updates on demand, wherever they are. Our unique CRE loans platform makes this possible.

Stay relevant, stay competitive

Act on in–depth insights to boost your company's relevance and competitiveness in the market.

Keep clients engaged

Attract and maintain the attention of your clients and customers by giving them personalized content and notifications.

Get word of mouth referrals

Engaged clients are happier clients, and happier clients lead to word of mouth referrals.

Always in the loop

The magic happens in deal rooms. Deal rooms are secure, by–invitation–only places that use smart tech to streamline the CRE loan admin for you.

Self–driving deals

Each deal room gets its own Dealbot, which works tirelessly behind the scenes keeping everyone in the loop and making the magic happen.

No more emails

Stop emailing confidential deal documents around. Drag and drop large files to a deal room to share them instantly and securely.

Get notified of progress

As deals progress, your dealbots will send out updates directly to deal room members' devices. This means less interruptions and distractions for you team.
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Grow your business

We help you get more work, and our leading technology gives you the time to do that work.

Automated panel management

Busy organizations can work with 100s of other businesses to process CRE loans. Keeping track of changes to their details can be a never ending chore. We keep your panel updated so you don't have to.

“The panel management feature of Doccly Lender is extremely helpful and saves a lot of time. If a panel firm changes their details, we get the updated information immediately.”

Eric Gardner Partner at Robins and Gardner
Eric Gardner, Partner at Robins & Gardner
Automated panel management

Gain market insights

Get actionable data that will help your business grow. Give your clients the best experience through dynamic links that take them exactly to where they want to go.

Secure file upload

Simple, no–nonsense pricing

Our simple, no–nonsense pricing is easy to understand, and even easier on the budget.

Small Loans

$25/deal room

The essentials you need to process small loans quickly.

  • Dedicated deal rooms
  • Custom tasks
  • Pre configured folders
  • Limited team roles
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Loan Modifications

$25/deal room

The key functionality you need to process modifications profitably.

  • Dedicated deal rooms
  • Custom tasks
  • Pre configured folders
  • Limited team roles
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Large Loans

Most popular

$250/deal room

Fully featured to support your large loan processing requirements.

  • Dedicated deal rooms
  • Pre configured and custom tasks
  • Pre configured folders
  • Comprehensive team roles
  • All new features & enhancements
  • Exclusive resources
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Frequently asked questions

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Who pays the transaction fee?
The transaction fee is paid by the user who opens the deal room. The fee can be passed through to your clients or customers, making the platform effectively free for you to use.
Is the platform secure?
Yes. Strict security is applied when authenticating users on the platform. And with role–based access control and data encryption, you can be sure that your users and data are always safe.
What's to stop all my staff from using the platform?
Nothing. In fact, the more staff you have working on the platform, the better the experience will be for your clients and customers.
What about the other service providers I work with?
You are free to invite all the service providers you work with to join the platform. It's free for them to use, too. Title companies, surveyors, appraisers, and other service providers can share files and communicate using the platform.

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