Your Custom Processes. Baked In.

Deal rooms are configured on the fly to your unique processes. Roles, privileges, data, tasks, folders. So you get working sooner.

your front office on every device

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Get working. Keep working.

Getting work and doing work are the biggest challenges that service professionals like you face today. We provide all the devops support you need to achieve both.


Our serverless architecture enables us to offer a simpler, more cost–effective way to build and scale the platform.


We apply encryption to your data as it travels between users, devices and processes. All data is automatically encrypted at rest, too.

Silent Updates

Our platform updates itself silently, meaning that your users and clients are not interrupted due to housekeeping.


We support a growing number of authentication methods, giving full control over what your users and clients may see and do.


Our platform can store your processes and business rules, meaning that when a deal room is opened it is already pre–configured.


With built–in analytics you can understand how your users and clients behave, so you can make informed decisions about improvements.

A Dealbot in each room

Each deal room gets its own Dealbot, which works tirelessly behind the scenes doing the admin and making the magic happen.

“Our firm used to waste an enormous amount of time keeping everyone in the loop. Not any longer. Our dealbot does it all for us. And our clients are much happier because everyone knows what's going on.”

lindsay walton paralegal
Lindsay Walton, Paralegal
automated deal rooms

Reduce exposure to data leaks

Stop emailing confidential deal documents around. Drag and drop large files to a deal room instantly and securely.

Customer profile user interface

Automated deal rooms

The magic happens in deal rooms. Deal rooms are secure, by–invitation–only places that use smart tech to handle all the deal room admin for you.

Push notifications

Cut through the noise and deliver important information to clients when and where they want, instantly. Broadcast and individual notifications supported.

Real–time presence

Boost collaboration and teamwork when users can see whether other users are online or offline. This sets more realistic expectations about reponses to actions and messages within the deal room.

Task management

See completed tasks and tasks yet to be done. Assign tasks to specific team members based on roles and privileges. Configure tasks, roles and privileges via your custom schematics.

File management

Manage the files for each deal in one place. Configure folders and access rights via your custom schematics.

valuable metrics

Valuable Metrics

Get actionable data that will help grow your business

Without measurement, promoting your business online is a guessing game. We implement full tracking on your site so that you are able to better develop and adapt your overall online strategy, as well as giving your campaigns a great chance of success. We'll help you improve engagement, conversions, and repeat visits.

AnalyticsTrack 500 distinct events to help you understand clearly how your users behave. This enables you to make informed decisions regarding marketing and perfomance optimizations.

Remote ConfigMaximize customer satisfaction by changing the behavior and appearance of your app, for all app users or for segments of your user base, without requiring users to download an app update.

Performance MonitoringMonitor performance to understand in real time where opportunities to improve performance exist.

Dynamic LinksGive users the best available experience for the platfrom they are using, whether or not your app is already installed.

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