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Brenda Scott

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Progressive web apps offer significant benefits

Aug 18, 2022 (BOSTON) — Progressive web apps can be installed on a device much like a native app. PWAs build bridges to mobile, desktop, and native.

Desktop Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can be installed on the user’s device much like native apps. They are fast. They feel integrated because they are launched in the same way as other apps, and run in an app window, without an address bar or tabs. They are reliable because service workers can cache all of the assets they need to run. And they create an engaging experience for users.

Why build Desktop Progressive Web Apps

Most sites you use daily are probably Progressive Web Apps. Think Starbucks, Uber, Gmail, and Twitter, for example. Visit any of these sites on your mobile device and you will have the option to install it on your home screen. Thereafter it looks and works like a native app, and it works in the same way on a Mac or PC, an iPhone or an Android device.

The benefits of a PWA

Engagement. This is the main reason businesses are using PWAs in their online strategies. Users who install your app are your biggest fans. They are the most likely of your users to turn their usage into paid services for you. And because of push notifications, PWAs are driving higher levels of client re-engagement, which is great for your brand.

Advantages of PWAs over native apps

Some of the benefits of PWAs over native apps include:

  • No need to go through the process of registering your app with different app stores

  • No need to pay big chunks of money to platforms like Google and Apple

  • PWAs only work over secure connections, which builds trust with your users

  • Progressive Web Apps are built with common web technologies

  • They are often cheaper to build

  • PWAs are responsive and work with many different screen sizes

  • PWAs are smooth, fast, and lightweight

  • They work offline, unlike your regular site

  • Progressive Web Apps can be found by search engines

  • You can use push notifications to re-engage users

  • Installing a PWA can lead to higher engagement

Who should have a PWA

Progressive Web Apps are amazing and implementing one is not all that hard. But just because it is straightforward does not mean it is right for everyone.

However, finding a repeatable client re-engagement strategy for professional service firms has been a major headache. Having a client able to connect with you by clicking an icon on his or her home screen is a big deal. Being able to push individual or bulk messages right to clients' devices is a huge win for client retention.

How to get your PWA

Many leading brands are using PWAs!

We specialize in PWAs and would love to talk with you about how to get your own PWA as part of your online strategy. Send us an email to get the process started.