Case Study Trivago PWA Causes Startling Business Booms

Thomas Dreyer

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Trivago users can use the new PWA offline

Aug 18, 2022 (SAN DIEGO) — Trivago has made their PWA a priority. Engagement and click-through rate are up, and so are spirits. Customers can even use the app offline.

Trivago are prioritizing a better and more stable mobile experience for their users. They have opted for a Progressive Web App (PWA) to help them to achieve this goal.

Not all users are the same. Trivago must be able to reach every potential customer exactly where they are geographically, on any device they use. Accessibility is a major advantage of a PWA.

Cheaper for the customer

The numbers show that Trivago is generally more popular on mobile than desktop. But mobile data is expensive, and infrastructure in many countries fails to keep up with public demand. Lost connections mean lost business for the company.

Customers do not always want to make the commitment and investment to download a native app. Apps take up a lot of storage space, and data is not cheap. Before download, many customers have not decided if they even want the services yet.

Offline use

When users are on the move, they could easily lose connection just walking down the street, let alone going through a tunnel or elevator. When a traveler needs to find a hotel, they probably cannot afford a failing app due to a poor connection. People are starting to expect that they can go offline and still have access to a website. 67% of Trivago users who go offline continue to browse when they are back online.

Trivago targeted a lot of retention features in their PWA, including add to home screen and push notifications. Now they enjoy the benefits of both a website and a native app in their PWA.

The app is discoverable and searchable like a website, with all the functionality of a native app.

Increased engagement

Trivago reports that users have come back at least 2x in the first 2 weeks after installing the app on their home screen.

Engagement is up 150% since Trivago introduced their PWA. The new app is available in 33 languages and across 55 countries. This increased engagement has also led to more conversions, 97% more click-outs to hotel offers.

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Trivago is not alone in their PWA success, The Weather Channel is also experiencing major benefits.

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