Case Study Sensational Pinterest PWA Picks-Up Performance

Shelley Mitchell

2 minutes
Pinterest users pin on the PWA despite connectivity issues

Aug 18, 2022 (CAPE TOWN, South Africa) — The new Pinterest PWA is interactive in seconds, and is performing well. Pinners are enjoying the new app, and engagement is up overall.

As Pinterest became more globally popular, they needed to address their slow site and lack of interaction on mobile devices. Only 1% of mobile web users converted to sign-ups, logins or installs. Something had to be done. They decided to invest in a Progressive Web App (PWA).

The new PWA has made staggering improvements for Pinterest. People can use the app quickly and efficiently. More people are active on the platform now.

Easy and quick use

No more waiting for inspiration to strike. Pinterest's PWA is interactive in just seconds and performs well in a variety of situations. Pinners can use the platform at home, on a train, on a plane, or wherever they need an idea.

During an embroidery emergency or a cooking flop, users can get onto the Pinterest platform quickly. Even without a stable internet connection. Engagement is up and more pinners are pinning than were before.

Incredible improvements

After rebuilding their mobile site as a PWA, Pinterest enjoyed impressive improvements.

  • 40% more time spent on the app

  • 50% higher ad clickthrough rate

  • 44% increase in user-generated ad revenue

  • 60% more core engagements

More people are using the mobile site now, and loving it. This essentially means more revenue for Pinterest and the ability to reach more people.

Interact efficiently and quickly

The PWA is faster than the old mobile site. Before, users had to wait 23 seconds until they could interact. Now, they are pinning in just 5.6 seconds.

Storage requirements are now much lower than for the native app. A whopping 56MB for iOS and 9.6MB for Android has been reduced to just 150KB for the PWA.

Now people can use Pinterest even when the connection is low, storage is an issue, or time is of the essence.

Learn more

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If you are interested in how a PWA could benefit your business, get in touch!