Office Automation Law Firms Must Meet High Client Expectations

Danielle Davids

3 minutes
Law firm clients have high expectations of their firms

Aug 18, 2022 (ATLANTA) — Law firm clients have high expectations. Firms need to meet these expectations to keep work. Doccly helps firms to get work and do work.

Clients have high expectations for the law firms that they choose to work with. In this modern atmosphere, clients have more power than they ever have before. How can firms know whether they are meeting client expectations and which goals are most important for high client approval?

What do clients expect

Data from a business client survey indicates that the top three definitions that clients give of success are:

  • Minimizing the risk to the business

  • Having skilled representation

  • Avoiding future legal difficulties

Two of the three criteria, minimizing risk and avoiding future difficulty, are focused on sound legal outcomes. The third criterion, skilled representation, affects how well the other criteria can be met. A law firm that can deliver in these three areas will set itself apart as a trusted business partner.

A good starting point is access to reliable information. Reliable information helps you to make sound decisions and implement solutions that will work.

Why meet expectations

Your clients will continue to choose you when your firm meets their expectations. On the other hand, clients will not hesitate to walk away from firms who do not meet their expectations.

Over half of the respondents to a business client survey gave a rating less than highly satisfied for their overall experience working with a firm. Less than half were pleased with the ease of doing business with their firms.

Clients tend to move away from inefficient firms. They do not use firms that perform subpar work. And they take their business away from firms that cannot stay within budget.

How to meet expectations

Half of the respondents to the survey had left firms due to what they perceived to be a lack of value or inefficiency. High client expectations and the willingness of clients to move on mean that law firms need to be on top of their games.

Firms must have the ability to respond to clients accurately and quickly, keep costs down, and notify clients of issues quickly. They must be able to compete with other, bigger firms.

The solution

Doccly Lender helps firms to get work and do work. Get and keep the clients you want. Doccly Lender updates clients of progress along the way, enables secure communication and file transfer, and streamlines your process. Busy firms need modern solutions for the clients of today. You should prioritize meeting your clients' expectations with Doccly Lender.

If you are interested in how Doccly Lender could benefit your business, [get in touch]( &body=Hello%2C%0D%0A%0D%0APlease%20contact%20me%20about%20Doccly%20Lender%20for%20my%20business.)!