Best Practice How To Proactively Communicate Expectations

Tom Cook

2 minutes
Proactive communication helps firms to meet expectations

Aug 18, 2022 (LONDON, England) — Demanding clients will frustrate firms. Solid communication will help law firms to meet client expectations and achieve success.

Clients will tend to make enormous demands. They will push to get the most that they can for the money that they are paying. Mid-sized and small firms often feel that if they do not give their clients exactly what they want, they will lose business. Fortunately that is not always true. The trick is good communication.

Law firms who spread themselves too thin will learn that certain services are impossible to deliver. When firms overpromise and fail to deliver, they set themselves up for failure. They end up with the issue of unprofitable work in the short term. And lose out on future opportunities.

In a business client survey, only 40% of clients said that their law firms asked at the outset what they would consider a positive outcome to be. 46% of clients said that their firms did not check on their satisfaction after the conclusion of the matter.

How to succeed

The solution to these issues is proactive communication.

When attorneys are upfront with their clients and set realistic expectations from the beginning, clients know what they are getting themselves in for. Attorneys should have frank discussions with their clients about the legal process, time frame, and expected outcomes.

Although clients will have to be convinced of the game plan, they will be more prepared for the process. Ultimately, they will be more positive about the whole experience.

Regular communication

Clients appreciate regular communication with their law firms. Many clients complain about infrequent and unclear communication from their attorneys.

If firms are not setting and meeting client expectations well, clients will take their business elsewhere. Communication is a necessary tool and can make all the difference in client experience. Here are some more reasons why law firms are losing clients.

The Doccly Lender approach

Doccly Lender helps firms to communicate easily with their clients. This way, clients feel as if they are being heard, they have a direct line to their firms. Firms find communication easier because updates are automatic. Clients can see how their matter is progressing at a glance, and so feel happier with the process. Doccly Lender helps firms to get work and do work.

If you would like to learn more about how Doccly Lender can help your firm to communicate with your clients, get in touch!