Best Practice How To Organize Your Time And Still Have Some

Organize your time

Aug 18, 2022 (DOUGLAS, Isle of Man) — Follow this guide to learn how to organize your time without using up too much of it.

Being a lawyer takes a lot of skill. It takes very specific critical thinking skills, study and hard work, and a great amount of dedication to clients. But one of the most important skills for lawyers to practice is time management.

Time management is the process by which you concentrate on what is important to you. Good time management could make you a better lawyer, spouse, parent, and friend.

Bad time management could be the difference between failure and success. You could be a stand-out lawyer, but if you do not manage your time well, clients will always be disappointed. And you will be run off your feet.

Organizing time

The asks on your time can be organized into four quadrants. These are: important and immediate, not important but immediate, important but not immediate, and not important and not immediate. Where tasks fit into these quadrants is significant to their priority in your time management strategy. You will find that sometimes tasks are in the correct category and you can tackle them accordingly. Other times, tasks are in the incorrect category and you end up giving them the incorrect amount of attention.

Important and immediate

Tasks in quadrant one are both important and immediate. These need to be managed as soon as possible. These include things like key meetings, deadlines, and crisis events. Quadrant one cannot be easily avoided, but it can be streamlined. Think about what tasks in your first quadrant you can optimize to take less of your energy and time.

Not important but immediate

Quadrant two is made up of tasks that are not important but immediate. These are major time wasters. Emails, phone calls, and other meetings fall into quadrant two. Your major time management strategy here is to minimize and delegate. You do not have to be giving your time freely to these tasks. You can optimize to make sure that you have more time to spend on more critical tasks. Doccly Lender can help you do that.

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Important but not immediate

Quadrant three is the home of planning. These tasks are important but not immediate. They are a priority, but they are not demanding your attention. Life planning, relationships, and health are in this category. They do not shout the loudest but you need to prioritize them.

Not important or immediate

Quadrant four contains what is not important or immediate. These things take up your time, but they should not. Time wasters, busy work, and work that could be outsourced are in this quadrant. Elimination is key here. Determine what these tasks are, and try to let them go.

The Doccly Lender approach

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