Office Automation How Small Firms Are Competing With The Big Guys

Tom Cook

3 minutes
Office automation is a necessity for small firms

Aug 18, 2022 (LONDON, England) — Clients set the bar high. What can we do to meet their expectations? Small firms need to use technology to compete with larger firms.

Business clients today expect top-quality results. They expect quick and accurate service. Clients set the bar high. Firms need to meet high expectations.

Firms need to know what clients are looking for. Then they need to meet those criteria. Clients are in control of the business in the legal industry. There are specific things that firms can prioritize to meet client expectations and get business.

Speed and accuracy

Speed and accuracy have been widely shown to be at the heart of client expectations. Law firms must take the necessary steps to streamline their internal processes and position themselves to deliver on mounting client demands.

Speed alone is not the goal. Rather, firms should deliver a high level of service in a short amount of time. Accuracy and speed are equally important.

Automation in small firms

Clients are accustomed to receiving quick responses in today’s digital world. However, the average firm cannot both manually and promptly respond to all of the communication they receive.

90% of respondents to a business client survey stated that the firm’s responsiveness to their questions and concerns was a highly important factor in their hiring decision.

AI in law

Artificial intelligence helps firms to save time and give clients the answers that they need quickly. Importantly, a more efficient operation overall helps profitability and productivity in the long term. Although many people have concerns about the efficacy of artificial intelligence, this field is improving rapidly. Significantly, AI makes rapid response times possible when they otherwise would not be.

Technology in law

Over half of the respondents to the survey rated the firm's use of technology as a highly important factor in their selection process. This is not only for the big guys though. There are options for technological advancement for firms of all sizes. The virtual law firm is not a myth, it is a reality.

Customer decision-making

Technological advancement has leveled the playing field between AmLaw 100 firms that typically serve major corporations and smaller firms which have generally not been able to bid on that level of business.

Mid-sized law firms who can show that they can meet clients' demands with accuracy and agility will break into a portion of the market they were previously unable to attain.

Additionally, if you do not progress quickly enough, your clients will make another plan. Corporate clients are already using the technology that their law firms should be using.

The Doccly Lender approach

It is difficult to position yourself as an expert if your client has access to better information than you do. Law firms need to prioritize technology and reap the benefits that come along with it.

Doccly Lender helps law firms to prioritize technology and get business that they would not have been able to before. Use the functionality your firm needs without having to develop it yourself. Compete with the big guys.

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