Case Study Dreamy New Tinder PWA Improved User Engagement

Donna Dreyer

2 minutes
The new Tinder PWA works even on bad internet connections

Aug 18, 2022 (PHOENIX, Ariz.) — Tinder opted for a Progressive Web App. In the case of bad connections or older devices, the PWA makes Tinder an option for many new users.

Tinder swiped right on a new Progressive Web App (PWA), and it's a match. The Tinder PWA has revolutionized business. The platform will not work if people do not use it. There needs to be a fairly large user base for Tinder to be worthwhile. Tinder also needs users in areas where coverage is not optimal, on devices that are not state-of-the-art.

Tinder Online was conceived with the goal of increased adoption in new markets. It is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that enables users to start swiping in even in the least optimal conditions.

Bad connections

To find a love connection, you first need an internet connection. Fortunately, with the Tinder PWA, a poor connection is no longer an issue… when it comes to the internet that is.

Users can use the Tinder PWA even when they are offline. Offline use has also been shown to keep people active and swiping even after the connection is back up and running. Seamless, consistent service is key.

Major improvements

Tinder Online is available to all desktop and mobile users, and they are seeing major improvements. Now users in an area where data is scarce or costly can have the core Tinder experience for only 10% of the usual data cost.

The native Android App uses 30MB of storage space, and the PWA only uses 2.8MB, it is 90% smaller. This means that people who need to carefully prioritize space on their devices can still use the app. Smaller apps are less of a demand, and an easier decision for users to make.

More is more with the Tinder PWA

Compared to Tinder's native app users swipe more, message more, buy the same amount, edit profiles more, and stay online for longer using the PWA.

Users can get to swiping faster, load times are down from 11.91 to 4.69 seconds on the PWA. There is no time to waste when it comes to love.

Learn more

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If you are interested in how a PWA could benefit your business, get in touch!