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Doccly provides intuitive document automation solutions

Aug 18, 2022 (ATLANTA) — Doccly Limited, based in the UK, is a certified XpressDox Platinum Partner. The Doccly approach to document automation solutions is unique in two ways.

Doccly Limited, based in the UK, is a certified XpressDox Platinum Partner. Doccly sells to and services the document automation solutions requirements of clients mainly in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, as well as elsewhere in the world too.

Doccly’s approach to document automation solutions is unique in two ways.

Complete solutions

Our implementations cover the full spectrum of solution provision, not only document automation. We cover the upstream and downstream requirements that businesses have when implementing document automation. Because our technical and business experience reach far beyond document automation we can develop and implement more broad-based solutions. This gives your project every chance of widespread acceptance and success within your organization.

Complex requirements

The second way that sets Doccly’s solutions apart from others is that we specialize in meeting difficult document automation requirements. Our clients come to us with very complex requirements, when they are struggling to implement document automation themselves, or to save a document automation project that is going off the rails. We have decades of experience in document automation solutions development and implementation.

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What are document automation solutions

Document automation is the process of designing systems and workflows that assist in the creation of business-critical documents. These include systems that use conditional logic, loops, variable text, and data connections to assemble sets of documents. This process is used in professional services – as well as general commerce and industry – to assemble legal documents, contracts, letters, other business documents, and client communications.

The principle idea behind document automation is to present the user with a questionnaire that gathers the data needed for a document. This data is subsequently combined with a template to create that document. In this way a document can be created in a fraction of the time it takes to manually draft the document.

History of document automation

Originally introduced in the 1980s, document automation began with simple text substitution in documents. Since then these systems have become more functional, especially with the introduction of conditional logic and database connectors. In this way, you could say that document automation is one of the earliest forms of robotic process automation.

Document automation solutions on the web

It is amazing to see what can be achieved on the web with current tools. This means that web technologies can be used to create end-to-end solutions that disrupt the traditional document automation model.

Our approach at Doccly is very much a non-traditional one. We see document automation as one part of the bigger picture of office automation.

The data model underlying each document automation solution

We emphasize correctly understanding and incorporating the underlying data model behind the document automation solutions we develop.

The advance of technology has made data much more readily available, and through algorithms and artificial intelligence, much more useful in terms of the insights it gives.

In document automation solutions where the data model underlying the documents has not been properly modeled, the data can be difficult if not impossible to extract and analyze. In these environments, the benefits of data-driven document automation may be difficult to realize.

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