Best Practice Doccly Lender Is The Email Killer

Charl Dreyer

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Doccly Lender is the email killer.

Aug 18, 2022 (DOUGLAS, Isle of Man) — Doccly Lender is the solution to the email woes of service professionals like you.

Email is a time suck.

You get hundreds of emails a day, and if not that number, it certainly feels like it. Although not everyone is immediately important, it distracts you. For every email that comes through and pulls you away from your current task, experts say you lose up to 20 minutes of productivity.

Imagine what you could be doing with an extra 20 minutes. That is a whole time block for document creation, a client meeting, or better yet, getting home for an early dinner. Here is an article on time management that you may find helpful.

The email problem

You need to organize your email and make sure you are not missing anything. You need to scour your inbox for important files, searching through thousands of similar messages. You need to access secure documents, remember passwords, and save these accordingly.

You need to make sure that you keep track of the latest version of any file you are sent. You can save a document, but keeping the outdated version is just going to clog up your system and confuse everyone. This is a major waste of your time.

Lost files

Remember that time when you lost an important file in your inbox. Your stomach drops as you realize that it is not where you thought it was.You start scrolling. Your heart starts racing. Of course, you could email the client and ask for it to be sent again, but that is unprofessional. You try searching, but your email client has never heard of that term before. Maybe the file is password protected. If only there was a better way.

Clients communicate with you via email. Is it a necessary evil?

The Email Killer

What if there was a way that your clients could contact you that would suit you better. The solution would have to be easier to keep track of. And it would have to give you a way of receiving documents from clients and colleagues without getting bogged down in the inbox black hole.

This solution would have to be reliable. There is no point in using a tool that will let important documents slip through the cracks. And maybe it should keep copies of the latest versions of documents. But then it would need to track changes to the documents too. What if your colleagues and staff could access these documents too? That would be a huge help, that would save you from having to find and email the document to people who need to work on it.

The Doccly Lender solution

We have great news for you. That solution exists, and it is within reach. Doccly Lender is the solution to this issue, it is the Email Killer. Instead of emailing documents around, use Doccly Lender's file management solution to control and organize files securely. This means that you are free from Pandora's inbox. Clients and colleagues can upload files straight onto the platform. Enter an easy-to-use, organized, and collaborative file management tool.

Doccly Lender's messaging function makes it easy for clients and colleagues to message you without the email rigmarole. It is all on the platform. Which takes all the clutter out of your inbox. You are free.

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