Case Study Count On The Uber PWA

Herman Smith

2 minutes
Uber PWA works from more locations than native app

Aug 18, 2022 (CAPE TOWN, South Africa) — The new Uber Progressive Web App works from all modern browsers, even on low-end devices, and from practically any location.

Uber has opted for a Progressive Web App (PWA) to provide a reliable and trustworthy experience for their many mobile customers. Both Uber and their customers agree that reliability is critical. The ride-hailing platform would simply not work if people could not depend on it.

Reliability is key

Picture this. Stranded commuters, lining up along the side of busy roads. Staring, frustrated at their phones. One lady is holding her phone up, high above her head... but it still will not connect. In a fit of rage, a teenager hurls his phone into the street and it shatters. That would be horrendous for Uber's business.

On a more serious note, when people are using Uber's services they need to be able to count on a ride. That means that when the connection drops, the Uber app should still be able to load. The PWA makes this possible.

Anyone and anywhere

Uber uses a PWA as a viable alternative to their native mobile app. The PWA is tiny, coming in at just 50kB gzipped. It takes less than 3 seconds to load on 2G networks. That is astoundingly fast.

In fact, many other companies are also riding the PWA wave. Read about how Debenhams has revolutionized their business with a Progressive Web App.

Global audience

Expanding to new markets worldwide, Uber found a way to make sure that a global audience would be able to use their services, even when connection and coverage are poor. The super-lightweight web app, m.uber, is compatible with all modern browsers. This offers an app-like experience for riders on low-end devices. Users can hail a ride regardless of location, network speed, and device.

Read more about how Uber created m.uber.

An app for Service Hailing

Commuters can order a ride from anywhere. Great. But how can you apply this your clients and your business? Doccly Lender is a Service Hailing app. It is like Uber, but for professional services. We help you get work by enabling your clients to quickly, reliably, and repeatedly hail your services.

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