Case Study 250% Increase In Re-Engagement With OLX PWA

LI Chen

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OLX PWA improves retention, conversion, and re-engagement

Aug 18, 2022 (NEW YORK) — The OLX PWA has done wonders for re-engagement, it is up by 250%. And users are converting too. More people are on the platform and loving it.

OLX is an online marketplace, and their recent move to a Progressive Web App (PWA) has revolutionized their business. More customers are using the platform. Old customers are back online, and new customers are joining.

Higher retention

The page on the Progressive Web App is interactive in 23% less time than before. That is valuable time that users now can spend browsing. There is now an 80% lower bounce rate, meaning that retention is improved too. Now customers can spend more time interacting with the platform. They are happier and OLX is benefitting from it.

Higher conversion

The PWA offers a 146% higher click-through rate (CTR) on ads. Conversion could ultimately depend on an ad that loads quickly. More people on the platform translates to more eyeballs on ads. With their CTR up, OLX is in a good position to negotiate with advertisers. That is incredibly valuable to the company.

Over 90% of OLX users are on mobile devices, while desktop use continues to decline. With so many on mobile, a seamless and functional mobile approach is a necessity for OLX.

Increased re-engagement

When re-engagement of users is a goal, a PWA can offer some serious advantages. Add to home screen and push notifications both encourage users to return to the platform. The OLX PWA has increased re-engagement by 250%.

OLX customers now see the icon on their home screens constantly, and they even get notified when they have not engaged in a while. With these constant reminders, they are more likely to choose the app in the future.

Previously lost customers are coming back to the platform. The PWA has revived a great amount of business for OLX. User experience is better overall.

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