Case Study 3 Most Incredible Boosts By Lyft PWA

Charl Dreyer

3 minutes
Increased downloads with Lyft PWA

Aug 18, 2022 (DOUGLAS, Isle of Man) — Lyft chose a PWA and have improved business drastically. Downloads, usage, and retention on old devices are up.

Lyft is trying something new. A face-lyft if you will. They have introduced a new Progressive Web App (PWA), and the improvements are undeniable. Lyft is a popular ride hailing service, giving Uber a run for its money. The new PWA has given Lyft a unique boost.

Some of the most valuable improvements that Lyft has been able to quantify clearly show that the PWA outperforms typical browser use.

PWA surpasses browser use

Users of the new Lyft PWA are taking 14% more rides than browser-only users. When people can install the app on their home screen, they are more likely to return than they would be if they had to open their browsers. When they are on the go, users are likely to turn to Lyft for a ride when they have easy access to the app. Not only does a PWA offer ease of access, but it also offers a stable connection.

An unstable connection to Lyft would neither be helpful to the service provider nor to the customer. Customers need to reliably access the platform when they need a ride. The Progressive Web App provides stable access. PWAs work on bad connections, and they can even work offline.

Higher use on older devices

Older devices are catered for with PWAs. Lyft is finding that their PWA users on older devices are taking 11% more rides than those users on native apps. Progressive Web Apps work for a range of users that would otherwise not be at home on the app.

Imagine trying to fit into shoes not made for your size, that is like using a native app that is not made for your device. PWAs are made for your device, and you can use them comfortably.

Download rate

In the app game, there is a clear goal. Get users to download. Lyft has experienced an amazing business improvement in this regard since introducing the PWA. 40% more users click Install PWA than do Download. Installing a PWA is a much lesser commitment than downloading an app. In Lyft's case, it seems that users are more comfortable installing Progressive Web Apps than native apps.

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Each of these business improvements is undeniably valuable for Lyft. Give your business a face-lyft too. Doccly helps businesses like yours to reap the benefits of Progressive Web Apps. If you would like to know more about how a PWA could benefit your business, send us an email.