Best Practice 10 Pillars of Social Media SEO

LI Chen

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10 tips for social media SEO

Aug 18, 2022 (NEW YORK) — Implement these 10 pillars of social media SEO, and you will boost engagement.

SEO is critical for social media success. But it is overwhelming. There are so many rules to follow. It is impossible to prioritize everything the internet tells you to. Focus on these 10 simple tips to boost your social media brand and reap the benefits.

Brand voice

Are you cool? Professional? Funny, maybe? You need to decide which voice best suits your business image. Do not confuse your clients by using a voice that does not match your brand identity. You are often limited to short copy, so your voice needs to be clear. Try to maintain your voice and tone over all of the platforms you are on. That way, you will convey a consistent message to your followers.

Problem. Agitate. Solve.

As for content, focus on showing your followers that they need your product. You could use the Problem, Agitate, Solution (PAS) structure. Here you recognize the problem your customers have, make them feel it, and then show them how you can solve it.

Short and sweet

People generally have a short attention span. This is enhanced on social media. Keep your message short and sweet. Quick to read and share is the best. You can link to your website for more information.


On top of short attention spans, people usually skim read on social media. Try to stick away from writing complex and wordy posts. One glance is all it takes, so keep it simple.

Audience opinion

Ask open-ended questions to allow your followers to share their opinion. People will often enjoy answering questions, and engagement will soar. You could also ask for input on an idea or new product. Involved followers are more likely to support your business.

Connect with followers

Emotions are a powerful tool that you can use to connect to your audience. This will increase engagement on your posts. You could choose to focus on negative or positive emotions, depending on which matches your voice and tone best. Some brands leverage controversy, and some concentrate on positive emotion.

Use hashtags

Tag your post according to its content. Hashtags serve to make similar content easy to find. Do some research into which hashtags your target audience is using.

Stay consistent

Even if you use several different platforms, keep your voice consistent. You may want to seem more relatable to a younger audience on TikTok or Instagram, but different voices will confuse your followers.

Call to action

Give your followers a task to do once they are interested in your post. They could follow a link to your website, follow you, or send you a message.

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Active voice

Use the active voice to keep your audience engaged. Sentences in the active voice sound dynamic. They are usually shorter and easier to read.

SEO is about practice

Done is better than perfect. In terms of your social media presence, it is better to post something rather than nothing. Try to implement what you can, and for the rest, continue to practice and incorporate what you can.

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